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Old Romantic x Stradivarius

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People run away from the city and look for aless stressful life where they can go out with more security. Even being away from home, people will want to continue feeling like they are at home. This made me think that in the middle of a world which looks dark, insecure and inconstant, we look for a safe place,  our family. We need to feed ourselves from the past to generate the future, and inspiration always ends up coming from old customs, constantly renewing them. About the concept, the love would be worked on, the attachment that one has to the place where was born, extracting codes already lived to carry with you and the feeling of home and warmth in a perhaps colder and more distant moment of contact

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Fotografía Marta Jiménez @ martajmoldes
Modelo Evelyn Abellaneda  @ evlyn8 
MUA Elena Julián
Diseñadora de Moda Claudia Abellaneda @ claudiclaudieve


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