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This project was about material experimentation, which I really enjoyed the most. It all started eating boiled eggs, when I noticed there was a thin and wet skin inside the shell, so I decided to investigate and extract it to let it dry. The results were so interesting, that skin (called testaceous membrane) was stronger and resistant despite a little bit crunchy. But the most important was his quality of being very manipulated. After that, I started my own obsession to collect eggs from everywhere that were cooked and make a little tissue of that strange material, so I would have bigger pieces to sew. Finally, I combined the egg with white wool and white tulle to make it resistant. 

This garment shows the fragility of emptiness. How parts of it rebuild each other while others are falling apart. As if it were a wall that was shattered by physical contact, a skin that sheds and exposes feelings.

Fotografía Helena Roig @ helenaroigcovas
y Laura Bonnin  @ lgoodkid 
Diseño y confección Claudia Abellaneda @ claudieve


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