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Chiasmus refers to a literary device that consists of the repetition of ideas, but exchanging their order without loosing their meaning. It is a crossed parallelism, a repetition of a syntactic structure, but with the particularity that the elements that are repeated appear first in one order and then in the opposite order, always preserving their symmetry.


With the intention of thinking about the socially correct way of dressing and its imposed normatives that carries a whole systematized design process, it is intended to rethink new ways of dressing, starting from our daily lives, misrepresenting obviousness that have never been rethought as possible changing ideas and disobeying any pattern that is considered a predetermined model by society.


Through the game, as a playful design and experimental tool, the aim is to achieve a dynamic, ironic and disproportionate collection, where the body will be forced to adapt and fit into it, as it used to do on its own social circle. The parallelism mentioned before and typical of prose, will be the thread that will encompass my entire project, designing a repetition of codes and typologies that will constantly intersect, dislodging parts of them that will then fit into others, always under the same symmetry.


Modelo Evelyn Abellaneda  @ evlyn8 
Fotografía y Diseñadora de Moda Claudia Abellaneda @ claudiclaudieve


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